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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Argus Hamilton

HOLLYWOOD--God bless America, and how's everybody?

Ford Motors announced Thursday that the company is entering the luxury truck market. Ford will be introducing a new line of pick-ups with a sticker price that begins at eighty thousand dollars. That’s the most expensive pick-up line since, watch me shower, sweetie, and I’ll put you in the movies.

The New Yorker named sixteen Hollywood actresses victimized by Harvey Weinstein’s sexual compulsion. The stories are spreading quickly. Hillary Clinton gave an interview on Thursday to complain about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual advances toward her, specifically that he never made any.

Hillary Clinton told an interviewer she had no idea her donor Harvey Weinstein was a sexual harasser Thursday. That day the Obamas said they never heard their donor Weinstein was a sexual harasser either. Harvey Weinstein has personally turned the Democrats into the Knew-Nothing Party.

Harvey Weinstein was dropped as a legal client by powerful feminist lawyer Lisa Bloom who is also the daughter of attorney Gloria Allred. Lisa dropped him on Tuesday. And it wasn’t because Harvey asked Bloom if she could get him off, it was the way he unzipped his pants when he asked her.

Phoenix school parents are upset by a slavery simulation game kids play on class computers in their history class. It features a beautiful slave girl who can be directed to work, to try to escape, and she even face consequences if caught. It’s got boys fighting over who gets to be Thomas Jefferson.

President Trump proposed fifty measures regarding illegal immigration including funding for the wall prompting Democrats to vow to shut down the U.S. government. The American people are so sharply divided politically today they only agree on one thing. Clowns are not funny after midnight.

The White House lifted the Obama-era mandate on religious employers to provide employees contraceptive coverage. It’s tricky. The most effective form of birth control is, if a young couple is thinking of having their first baby, Child Services sends over a teenager to live with them for a month.

President Trump pulled the U.S. out of UNESCO Tuesday citing its anti-Israel bias. UNESCO stands for the United Nations Educational Cultural and Scientific Organization. The question to me is not why did the U.S. pull out of UNESCO, but how did we get invited to join it in the first place?

President Trump signed an order making health policies available across state lines Friday. It doesn’t solve the physicians’ shortage. The AMA reports body donations to medical schools are way up, which means that Medicare patients have finally figured out a way to get doctors to look at them.

The Dow Jones hit a record high last week as the economy kept improving. That didn’t stop both political parties, NFL players and owners, actresses and producers from taking offense from each other’s behavior. The U.S. would have the world’s greatest economy if only being offended paid better.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly gave a powerful press conference Thursday while he admitted he can’t control Trump’s tweeting. That morning the president was perfectly correct when he tweeted that the U.S. cannot stay in Puerto Rico forever. Who do they think they are, Afghanistan?

Senate Democrats accused Trump of trying to rob Obamacare of healthy policy holders with his executive order Thursday. Both parties in Congress approach health care the same way the Amish go hunting. They sneak up quietly on a deer in the woods and then they build a barn around it.

The White House said President Trump’s visit to England will be a working visit and not an official state visit due to fear of rioting. Bless our dear old Mother Country. Nowadays, England deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for being the world’s only Muslim country never to go to war with Israel.


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