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Friday, March 27, 2015

Argus Hamilton

HOLLYWOOD--God Bless America and how's everybody?

Jack Nicklaus was presented with the Congressional Gold Medal Tuesday by House and Senate leaders Tuesday in the Rotunda. John Boehner easily mustered a unanimous vote to honor Nicklaus. That's because word leaked from the White House that President Obama plans to honor Arnold Palmer.

Martin Sheen's President Bartlett on the West Wing ran forty points ahead of President Obama in a presidential popularity poll Tuesday. He's loved. Martin Sheen will get an honorary degree in June at the University of Dayton and his son Charlie Sheen will be made an honorary member of a fraternity.

Mad Men star Joe Hamm completed a twenty-eight day rehab for alcohol dependency Tuesday at a rehab in Connecticut. The TV show is the story of a brilliant huckster who makes it to the top of the ad world by drinking and sleeping around. Now that he's quit drinking, he's going to run for president.

The Rolling Stones announced plans to launch a summer tour of the United States, Canada and England where the rock group continues selling out year after year. It's time they retired. During last year's shows, their light show consisted of a bunch of cars onstage with their left-hand turn blinkers on.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed reporters after the NFL owners met at the Arizona Biltmore on Wednesday. Among other issues Roger said that he will rule on Adrian Peterson's eligibility in three weeks. Adrian Peterson is the only NFL player whose injury report lists how his kids are doing.

SAE member Levi Petit apologized Tuesday for leading a racist chant that got him expelled and SAE kicked off the OU campus. It drew White House attention. National SecurityAdvisor Susan Rice went on the Sunday talk shows and said Levi Petit served Sigma Alpha Epsilon with honor and distinction.

The U.S. Army annouced it will charge U.S. Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl with desertion despite the White House calling him a hero last May. The Obama administration traded five Taliban leaders in exchange for him. The government can't even effect a prisoner swap without running up an eighty percent deficit.

GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz took withering fire from the liberal media after his speech announcing his candidacy. He's so conservative he unites a wide variety of opponents. Ted Cruz announced Wednesday he was enrolling in Obamacare, and an hour later ISIS released his daughters.

Ted Cruz ripped President Obama and vowed to be a better president himself. Ted was born in Canada while Republicans say Obama was born in Kenya. Immigration boosters are right when they say that immigrants will do the jobs that Americans refuse to do, jobs like running the U.S. government.

Ted Cruz announced for president Tuesday before a cheering packed crowd at Liberty University fieldhouse. It's in the Bible Belt village of Lynchburg, Virginia. A visiting Methodist minister once asked the hotel clerk if the porn channel was disabled, and the clerk assured him that it walks just fine.

President Obama agreed with Afghanistan's president Tuesday to slow down the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. At first he promised total withdrawal, then he ordered the surge, then withdrawal and now partial withdrawal. We don't have a policy so much as we have the rhythm method.

The Secret Service was ripped in House hearings over lax White House security Tuesday. That's the bad news. The good news is, President Obama has admitted he's been having trouble going to sleep at night, but now he goes right to sleep by counting intruders as they jump over the White House fence.

The White House announced Wednesday that President Obama cleared his schedule in order to have lunch in the Oval Office with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The president's press secretary told reporters that the lunch was very private. It was just the two of them and their food tasters.

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