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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Argus Hamilton

HOLLYWOOD--God Bless America and how's everybody?

The USS Theodore Roosevelt sailed into the Arabian Sea as Iran warships tried to deliver arms to rebels in Yemen Tuesday. A rebel victory would leave Saudi Arabia surrounded on three sides by Iran's army. At last, we're about to find out what kind of Christian President Obama is, Shiite or Sunni.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh counseled Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston on ESPN’s Draft Academy, which aired Tuesday. The gifted quarterback prospect has off-field issues. Experts warn if Jameis Winston doesn't clean up his act and stop breaking the law, he could end up in the NFL.

L.A. Kings star Jarret Stoll was arrested entering a Las Vegas hotel swimming pool party when security guards found a packet of cocaine in the pocket of his swimming trunks. People in L.A. were horrified. Concussions in hockey are so severe that players go swimming with cocaine in their pockets.

L.A. rap mogul Suge Knight was ordered to stand trial for murder Thursday although witnesses refused to testify against him. Knight backed over a rival in a parking lot killing him, then he drove forward and ran over him again to make sure he was dead. It's all possible thanks to lower gas prices.

The Boston Marathon drew a record crowd on Patriots Day in Massachusetts on Monday. The race's popularity is prompting people to take up jogging, begin healthy eating and living healthy lifestyles. Health nuts are going to feel really stupid someday, lying in the hospital and dying of nothing.

New York Yankees fans cheered the return of Alex Rodriguez last week as the steroid-disgraced slugger led the team in hitting and in homers. Forgiveness is in the air. Pete Rose has just been hired by Fox Sports as an analyst, in the first indication that Fox Sports will cover the World Series of Poker.

President Obama greeted NASCAR champion Kevin Harvick at the White House Monday where they met in the Oval Office for over an hour. It was inevitable. After Obama failed to halt the Iranians from making nuclear weapons, you figured that the South would be next in line at the negotiating table.

The L.A. Times reports Steven Spielberg agreed to spearhead support for Hillary Clinton with the Hollywood crowd. They will jump ship in an instant if a real liberal runs. The way you determine the number of people at a Hollywood party is that you count the number of faces and then divide by two.

Clinton Cash is a new book saying Hillary used her post as Secretary of State to greatly increase her family's fortune via donations to the Clinton Foundation and high speaking fees for Bill. That's not fair. She was only trying to close the income inequality gap between the Clintons and David Rockefeller.

The Moonlight Bunny Ranch prostitutes formed a political group called Hookers for Hillary in Nevada Monday to raise money for her presidential candidacy. The hookers plan to raise lots of money the Hillary way. For an extra hundred dollars they'll change positions to suit the donor's needs.

DEA chief Michele Leonhart is resigning over the scandal involving DEA agents attending sex parties in Bogota hotels. The drug agents were given hookers, booze and hotel suites provided by Colombian dealers. If we don't stop nit-picking, the government is going to lose some of our best people.

Tha National Intelligence Estimate warned Friday that ISIS will use the Internet to attempt to recruit U.S. high school kids to join ISIS in the Middle East. Luckily they are too obese to make the grade. One look at the monkey bars in ISIS training camps and the problem becomes strictly theoretical.

William Shatner proposed a water pipeline from Oregon to California to help solve California's water shortage. He's angry because last week he was fined a thousand dollars for wasting water. Maybe not everyone should do a cannonball off the high dive at the Beverly Hills Hotel swimming pool.

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